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The authentic Arabian horse is the maxima expression of the Mother Natura art work.
This horse contains the concept of Classical Beauty, like the thoughts of  Hellenic artists.

The Classical Beauty is the Eternal Beauty, beyond the economic business that it will change with the changing situations.

We don't follow the fallacies fashion of show business.

Remember, a work of art never go out of fashion.
(Annalisa Monticelli)

Mrs. Annalisa Monticelli has written and currently writes a lot of  study texts, related to the bloodlines, the history, the storiography, and also to the education to the right alimentation,  applied to the Arabian horse, on National magazines as well as  International magazines and web portals.
Plus, she works as translator for an International Web Portal.
Due to the fact that many of his studies and many of his texts were arbitrarily picked up and used by people in bad faith, without having the good manners to ask permission, the texts of Mrs. Annalisa Monticelli are no longer available for download.
As often happens, due to the bad, the good suffer.
However, it is possible to personally contact her for any consultations.

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