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our stallions, our future


HA Sharif, the first, purchased as baby colt, seen when he was only few months old, already clearly with a lot of breeding potential:

*for his pedigree: he is blended with the magic formula:
stallion Dahman plus Abeyyah mare, or better, first class Ansata/Nagel cross of
first generation.

*for his exceptional phenotype that make him one of the best stallion available today.

CA & SCID Free.

Sheikh Mahrus, is   the old, perfect, ethereal stallion of the dreams.

Pure Dahman. Pure in every inch of his body.

He is a small, a short, a square, dancing white vision.
He is just coming out from an old Vernet or Adam painting works.

He dances and prances around like a porcelaine Pegasus.

Rare pedigree without Ansata bred horses or Hanan bred horses.
Incredible old true type.

CA & SCID Free.

Halypa Al Azhar, born on 25 april 2012 he has the classic fascinating look of the best modern Ansata Bred Arabian Horses.  
Tall, magnificent, imposing, smooth, the perfect blend of Ansata Hejazi, Ansata Iemhotep and Ruminaja Ali.

Double Dahman Shahwan, pure in the strain.

Immense forehead, perfect naturally arched neck, showy movement, perfect carriage of tail. Unmistakable pure Egyptian head.
A young stallion apt to building up.
His pedigree is carved in marble.

Halypa Mansour, born on 5 march 2012. From his  first day he was marvelous.  
His head was elegantly sculptured, always with an amazing dish, from the day he was born.

Today, he is the most beautiful and the most exotic of the childrens of HA Sharif. He reflected  the wonderful legacy of the breeding program of the Katharinenhof.
Halypa Mansour is a young stallion, compact, slim, delicate, almost feminine.
From his grand father Jamil, he has inherited the exotic shape of the ears and eyes, the famous
apple eyes that made  famous this great stallion.
His body is built for the movement.

Very sensitive and gentle, he is the stallion for the future.

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