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sheikh mahrus


Sheikh Mahrus
He is the archetype of old true classic type . You see the sand, the sun and the wind dance of ancient Arabia Deserta, when you put your eyes on him.
High arched neck, blended with high arched tail. He always dances near you, on loose rope.
His eyes: enourmous, the greatest eyes that you can dream for.
His ears are incredible shaped: tiny, elegant, they almost touch each other, the right and sure heritage of  his noble ancestors.
His head is unique: large skull, large jowls, immense forehead, tapered by large and vibrant nostrils: definitely a gift of the immortal Ghazal.
His neck: high, arched , proud carriage. A beautiful shaped mitbah.  
His body reflects the old fashioned type of ancient war horses: dry, small, short, total black silk skin.

Mouvements: light, great action of the shoulders: he moves how a baroque stallion, full of fire, full of rear power  but with all the delicacy
and lightness of a wild animal.
Perfect gaits.
Full brother of  the stallion Sheikh Mahboub, Most Classic Head Winner Egyptian Nationals El Zahraa 2007.
In Sheikh Mahrus you see the incredible arched neck of El Shahwan, you see the nobility of Hadban Enzahi /Kamel, one of the  most important
herd sires of the story of Marbach Stud Farm. You see the classical look and the aura of exoticism of Ghazal, full brother of Ansata Bint Bukra,
the royal foundation mare of Ansata Arabian Stud. You see the prepotent genetic power of his majesty Mahameh.

Sheikh Mahrus has an unique pedigree because he hasn't crosses with Ansata-Bred horses or Nagel-bred horses, so he is the best solution  
for mares too  inbred with these two breeding programs.
Plus, Sheikh Mahrus has a cross with the incredible bay stallion El Araby, now practically impossible to find in Western pedigrees.

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