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Mahomeeh is of the rare and precious Farida/Halima family of the sought after European-breeding.

Her dam line is the root line of the Ansata foundation stallion Ansata Ibn Halima
(Nazeer x Halima, by Sheikh El Arab x Ragia, a direct daughter of Farida, bred by Prince Mohamed Aly in Egypt), progenitor of extreme type, of extreme Dahman Shahwan phenotype.

From the bay mare Halima come out the bay mare Moheba, then another bay mare: Malacha and finally, the two most important daughters, born in Germany, both of them elected Elite Mares: the full sisters Moheba II and Malikah: both daughters by the stallion Ghazal, full brother of Ansata Bint Bukra.

(*N.B. A mare can be elected “Elite Mare” because of her own performance or because of her quality offspring or because of her worldwide influence in the Arabian horse scene.)

From the the flea-bitten Moheba II  is spread an incredible families of mares into the world: for example the entire breeding program of Peter and Dina Gross (Al Amin Stud, in Egypt) and  part of the breeding program of El Thayeba.
Moheba II was the dam of Moneef (chief sire at Marbach), Madkour I (chief sire at the Ismer Stud) and sire of the important worldwide Jamilll, and his  full sister Mona III. Mona III and her first filly Mahameh, were the foundation mares of El Thayeba Stud.

Today horses as Kamla II, El Thay Kamla, El Thay Bint Kamla, El Thay Mashour, El
Thay Khemal Pasha, are all cousins of the white, beautiful Mahomeeh.

Mahameeh (a daughter of the Elite Stallion Ibrahim out of the Elite mare Mona III) was also the foundation mare of Peter and Dinah Gross, of Al Amin Stud in Egypt.

Mahomeeh was in fact a granddaughter of the great foundation and Elite mare Mahameh.

The dam of Mahomeeh is the exotic Maboubah ( Madkour I° x Mahameh ), full sister of international sires: Mahadin
(Austrian National Champion Stallion and Unanimous Champion Stallion Egyptian Event Europe 2005) and Mahfouz (Winner of: "Nobility of the Desert", Elite Stallions , Asil Cup 1997).
Both Madkour I° and Mahameh are elite-stallion and elite-mare.

Full sister of Mahomeeh is the show-winner-mare Mohebah: Reserve National Campion Mare German Championship, Reserve Champion Mare Asil Cup 1997. Winner of "Nobility of the Desert, Elite Mares, Asil Cup 2000", together with the other Mahomeeh's full sister: Bint Maboubah!! That is the dam of our main stallion Sheikh Mahrus.

A full brother of Mahomeeh is the TopTen Western All Around Europa Champion 2006: Mahomed.

The sire of Mahomeeh is the ethereal white stallion: El Shahwan (Machmut x Saemah) bred by Peter Gross.
Full sister of El Shahwan is the beautiful Bint Saemah.
The mother of these two masterpieces is the unique Saemah: the only horse that won the Asil-Cup two times in a row!
El Shahwan is the father of the stallion Moheeb (Reserve Champion Stallion Baden Baden 1997), sire of Al Ayad (Champion Stallion Egyptian Event Europe)and of the show-mare Bint Mahfouza (full sister in blood of Mahomeeh), Top Five Mares Egyptian Event Europe 2005.

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