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halypa magnus


On 3th of May 2009 was born a special colt, by our HA Sharif with the white lady Mahomeeh.
We choose for him the name of Magnus because of his greatness of heart. Since he was a tiny baby, was clear that he should develop himsef in a noble specimen. Especially for his behavior. Sweet, intelligent, absolutely confident in people. He is the most mentally balanced of the foals. He is the tent horse. During the work he is always happy, he always ready to follow you.
Dark, intense, falcon eyes, inherited from his sire HA Sharif, great structure, great balance of rear part and front part, wonderful shoulders, great diameters, fluid, economic gaits.
Incredible coldness: nothing seems to scare him.


Now Halypa Magnus is in the Mrs. Francesca La Veneziana's place, in Ostuni. Many wishes to you both!

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