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ha sharif


Ha Sharif

An imposing and definitely stately sire: when you are in front of him, you feel yourself a tiny thing !
The eyes: ardent full-black, large, round and radiant.
The ears: small very well curved and sharp.
The head: short, large, definitely of masculine shape, with a square muzzle, crowned by large and vibrant nostrils.
The neck: long, fine, very arched, supple with a masculine mitbah.
Extremely long and laid back  powerful shoulders, in perfect balance and harmony with his croup and rear part.

Long, clean and perfect straight legs.The perfect dream for a horseman.

Short back: only the place for a saddle
Proud and airy carriage of head, neck and tail.
mouvements: free, light, flowing.

His pedigree is royal : Ansata Iemhotep and Salaa El Dine plus 2 crosses with Jamil / *Jamilll, blending together:
an unique and formidable mach.

His dam is Alisha ( Alaa Al Din by Salaa El Dine x Matala Bint Marah by Jamil/ *Jamilll ), a pure in the strain Abeyyah Om Jurays.  
The dam-line traces back to the foundation-mare: Maysa Inshass : the same of immortals: Nabiel, Bint Magidaa, Shafeekah, Alidaar and Ruminaja Ali.

Plus, this stallion has 4-crosses with the fairy-tale-mare: Hanan

HA SHARIF (AREA SIRHAAN  X ALISHA)                           

2004 iron gray stallion

Bred by  Hadhad Arabians, Marta and Domenico Tocchi (Italy)

*Abeyyan Om Jurays

*Maysa Inshass the same of legendary stallions as Ruminaja Ali, Alidaar, Nabiel

*double Jamil /*Jamilll

*4 crosses with Hanan /10 Hanan through her most important production

*Ansata Iemhotep & Salaa El Dine & Jamil: a marvellous combination of beauty, balance, power, intelligence, gaits, masculine flair and mysticism.




HA Sharif has already demonstrated to transmit to his children what exactly is expected from its formidable heritage:
his childrens

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