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The Halypa- Al-Duhaymat-Stables was created in honour of the  MOST BEAUTIFUL STRAIN IN THE WORLD.

The most celebrated and precious strain, in ancient world, until today.
This strain embodied the most perfect harmony between feminine and masculine features.

The fairy-tale talks about a mating, in ancient times, between  
a mare of KUHAYLAN-AJUZ strain  and a stallion of SAQLAWIYAH-GIDRANIYAH strain.........

From this mating arose a dark filly: AL DAHMAH, the brown girl, the dark one.
She was of the same color (in Arabian-language: KUMAIT) of the very first horse even born on the earth:
the horse created from a handful of South-wind: EL MAREES.

More than two centuries ago, a mysterious mare whose name was AL DAHMAH,
 was given in gift by Ali Pasha Sherif to the future viceroy of Egypt: the Khedive Tewfiq....

And in this way the History begins......


V.Adam: Dahmani Stallion
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