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Asswany is a truly treasure.  We purchased her the day that she was born.
We always have admired her grandmother Ansata Latifa an intriguing Ansata Halim Shah daughter. This mare was tall, incredibly stylish, feminine, beautiful shape of neck, beautiful shape of body, long legs, majestic in her gaits, unmistakably Bukra in her head, muzzle, nobility....
Ansata Latifa was, maybe, the most hidden treasure of last 20 years.....
She passed a trouble life: from U.S.A. she went in U.K. to Millfield Farm of Gucci, then a sad auction, covered by Crusader and purchased by her Italian owner Mr.Virgilio Sadnik.

After a year her owner died and Ansata Latifa and her daughter by Crusader, Area Assria, went in a problematic place, where both two spent years of neglect. Mom and daughter often suffering from hunger.  
Sadly this glorious mare, after producing only two fillies, died in mysterious ways.

After a long, hard, suffered court dispute, finally Area Assria came back to the widow of her owner.
In the widow's estate, Area Assria was covered by Orfan Bey, another very special stallion, fortunately not touched by the vulgarity of fashion.

So, the first day of May 2011 was born a precious ruby: Asswany.
We soon purchased this little masterpiece.
Meanwhile Area Assria, in foal of our stallion HA Sharif, was purchased in UAE, by our very close friend: Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Awar.

In UAE, on February 2013, was born a pearl: Sahabi Al Fahidi

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